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The Team

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor
Michael W. Meanwell

Manley and Marian Johnston

Professor in Chemistry


​BSc - University of British Columbia (2014, Professor M. Thachuk)

MSc - University of Victoria (2015, Professor T. M. Fyles)

PhD - Simon Fraser University (2020, Professor R. A. Britton)

PDF - The Scripps Research Institute (2020 - 2022, Professor P. S. Baran)

Assistant Professor - University of Alberta (2022 - Present)

Michael completed his PhD studies in organic chemistry at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Professor Robert Britton where he worked on C-H functionalization, organocatalysis, and glycoside synthesis. Michael continued his training as a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratories of Professor Phil Baran at the Scripps Research Institute working on electrocatalysis and natural product synthesis. Dr. Meanwell began his independent career in July 2022 as the Manley and Marian Johnston Professor in Chemistry. His current research interests include synthetic methods, materials science, electrocatalysis, medicinal chemistry, and natural product synthesis.

Graduate Students

Soumik Sarkar

PhD student

Savitribai Phule Pune University (MSc)

Subhojit Mondal
Dinithi Rajapaksha

PhD student

University of Peradeniya (BSc)

MSc student

University of the West Indies (BSc)

PhD student

Jadavpur University (MSc)

Jacinth Frederick

Undergraduate Students

Boris Stevanovic

BSc Student

401 Honours Project

Eric Butler

BSc Student

Chem 399 Student

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