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Meet the Meanwell Lab Members

The Meanwell Lab welcomes students from across the world. We value hard work and creativity and appreciate teamwork. Check out current and past members below and see just some of the fun activities we get up to. We don't just work hard, we also play hard too!


Photo: A group photo of the Meanwell Lab outside of the University of Alberta North Campus. From left to right, Michael, Jacinth, Dinithi, Subhojit, Soumik, and Jason


Ping Pong Tournament

Soumik and Subhojit battle it out for bragging rights on the ping pong table. 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Past Members 

Undergraduate Students

Boris Stevanovic - BSc Student, CHEM 401 Honours Project 

Eric Butler - BSc Student, CHEM 399

High School Students

Bailey Anderson - WISEST Program

Elizabeth Chen - HYRS Program

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