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Interested in Joining the Meanwell Research Lab?

Our laboratory is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, firmly believing that it is cultivated through the establishment of a dynamic, innovative, and nurturing work environment. Here, researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds can thrive and carve out a promising career. Within the Meanwell Lab, you will refine your research acumen in organic chemistry, seamlessly integrating insights from electrochemical, photochemical, and materials chemistry. 

Our ethos is centered around nurturing an inclusive culture that embraces individuals from all backgrounds and belief systems. Together, we labor towards the common aspiration of making significant strides in the field of organic chemistry. Diligence, coupled with spirited academic discourse and guidance, assures our researchers that the realization of success is not only conceivable but attainable.


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Postdoctoral Fellowships

 Our dynamic environment provides post-doctoral researchers with an intellectually stimulating platform to advance knowledge at the intersection of electrochemistry, photochemistry, organic synthesis, and medicinal chemistry.

To apply, please submit a comprehensive CV, complete with a list of peer-reviewed publications, a cover letter, and a succinct overview of your research interests.

Please note that there are several external funding opportunities (see below) for PDF applicants. Dr. Meanwell is happy to support such applications.

Please see the following links for some more information for external funding opportunities for PDFs (not limited to just these):

Graduate Students (Ph.D. and M.Sc.)

For those considering applying to our graduate program, we encourage you to explore the resources available on the University of Alberta Department of Chemistry website. In our lab, we uphold rigorous standards. If you resonate with values like hard work, innovative thinking, and a collaborative spirit, the Meanwell Lab could be the ideal environment for you. Interested and qualified candidates are strongly encouraged to reach out to Professor Meanwell.

Please see the following links for more information for scholarship and external funding opportunities for Graduate Students (not limited to just these):

Undergraduate Students 

There are several avenues for undergraduates to join our lab. One common option is through course-based research. Please refer to the respective course listings for specific requirements.


Additionally, we support opportunities for summer research internships, including those funded by NSERC USRA scholarships or other external sources. These experiences are invaluable for honing your laboratory skills and expanding your research capabilities.


If you are interested in becoming an undergraduate member of our lab, we encourage you to visit our contact page. Kindly reach out to us, providing your CV, details of any prior research experience, and your areas of interest. 

Please see the following links for more information for scholarship and course opportunities for Undergraduate Students (not limited to just these):

High School Students

Recognizing the potential within young, curious minds, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for meaningful contributions to research. Under the HYRS and WISEST programs, we've had the pleasure of hosting two exceptional high school students in successful summer internships. This experience has inspired us to continue this tradition and extend the invitation to more bright and motivated individuals eager to explore the field of organic chemistry and embark on their scientific journeys. Additionally, the STEM outreach program offers high school students a chance to experience a research lab during their Spring Break. Don't miss out on these valuable opportunities – you may very well be the next trailblazing organic chemist!

Please see the following links for more information for scholarship and lab participation opportunities for High School Students (not limited to just these):

WISEST Student Bailey Anderson poses in front of her poster with lab members Dinithi (right) and Jason (left) during the WISEST Poster session in conclusion of their successful internship.

HYRS Student Elizabeth Chen poses beside her poster with lab members Soumik (left) and Jason (right) during the HYRS Poster session to conclude the summer internship.

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